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Sheila Shaw

While my research started with the plastic pollution problem in our oceans, which in itself is overwhelming, I could not help but broaden the scope of my investigation to include greater levels of detail and to trace the problem back to its sources. I have spent hundreds of hours scouring the internet and learning as much as I could and have still barely scratched the surface of this issue.

Convinced I am not alone with this limited understanding of the depth of our global issues, I put together this LEARNING CENTER to share this information with others. I realize this information can be a bit overwhelming; however, I did not want to leave any stones unturned for those of us who seek to learn more. My ultimate goal is to continue to heighten my own awareness and to invite others to learn along with me.

All the videos in this collection are extremely helpful. However, I have selected a few marked in red that I have found to be particularly interesting.

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Recycling, How it Works

Alternative Plastics

Landfills, What Next?

The Many Faces of Poverty

BPA - Our Food how Safe is it?

The Cost of Bottled Water


What You Can Do NOW!

Plastic Ocean Pollution

How to Protect Your Garden

Your Trash is Not Garbage!

Just What is Recyclable

Toxic Oceans, Waterways & Rivers

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