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Awareness is the key to producing immediate results in the reduction of plastic pollution.

For many years, I was very careful to recycle everything that appeared to be recyclable and to avoid excessive packaging and other recycling pitfalls. Nevertheless, I was still stunned to discover just how much plastic had escaped my notice until I started to focus on plastic pollution in our oceans and landfills. My research revealed the problem is much larger than I first assumed and the solution is easily within our reach. I saw the work that other organizations and individuals have been performing to address this critical problem of plastic and I knew right away I needed to do my part and contribute my own skills to this battle.

I created this website and stocked it with the most informative resources I have found in the course of my research to help others become aware of the problem and discover, as I have, that awareness changes everything.

I invite you to explore my website to learn how you can directly impact the amount of plastic flowing to our oceans and landfills. The Learning Center is the best place to start – I encourage you to try a few quizzes to test your own level of awareness. I have carefully selected the videos in the Learning Center to offer viewers an eye-opening experience as well.

For skeptics who are already alert to plastics commonly in use, you may still be surprised to find that many of these items are single-use plastics that cannot be recycled. I invite you to learn all that you can and to invite your friends to do the same. Click on the red SHARE WEBSITE or SHARE PAGE links throughout the Project PEVA website to invite your friends to join the solution to single-use plastics and plastics flowing into oceans and landfills.


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